LAPERVA WHITE PERLA consists of three products:

1- Laperva cleansing gel for whitening: 
a natural oil-free formula with a double effect supported by carnitine, which gently exfoliates the skin because it contains white mulberry extract and Scutellaria herb, which is characterized by its natural efficacy in whitening the skin and allowing it to breathe and prepare it to obtain rich nutrition from the following stages in the program. It can be used for face, body and intimate areas.

How to use: Apply Laperva Cleansing Gel in the palm of the hand and massage twice a day in the morning to rid the pores of the dead skin cells and at night to get rid of impurities, leave for two minutes and rinse with warm water. Avoid contact with eyes.

2- Laperva Deep Whitening Face and Neck Mask: This distinctive formula was developed to whiten and deeply cleanse the skin because it contains the rare red clay extracted from the Amazonian forests, which has the properties of remineralizing and improving cellular respiration, in addition to a group of active ingredients and natural oils such as jojoba and currant. Black and sapphire roses that contribute to maintaining the health of the skin by cleaning it and removing toxins formed by external pollution, to get bright skin from the inside!

How to use: After all traces of impurities are eliminated with the whitening gel, a layer of Laperva Deep Whitening Mask is spread from the centre of the face towards the outside and then on the neck, then it is left for 15 to 20 minutes to allow the active ingredients to work, then it is removed with a sponge Or cotton wool soaked in warm water, then use Laperva whitening cream. Use it regularly at least twice a week.

3- Laperva cream for whitening the face, body and sensitive areas: It is a multi-effect formula that helps to whiten the skin and prevent the formation of dark spots because it contains effective ingredients that reduce the effect of melanin and work to reduce its production naturally, in addition to improving the appearance of the skin to obtain an even skin tone, it also works It helps protect against the negative effects of sunlight causing dark spots. Laperva whitening cream can be used for face, body and sensitive areas.

How to use: Laperva whitening cream is used after Laperva cleansing gel: apply the cream morning and evening with a light massage until completely absorbed. It is not removed.

  • Category: Beauty cosmetics
  • Production Country: Made In Italy.