LAPERVA BEAUTY SHOT, a marine collagen-enriched drink fortified with biotin and vitamin C, flavored with tropical fruits.

It is considered the first collagen that provides the needs of athletes and non-athletes, as it contains 10 grams of pure protein, and a group of B vitamins and thus contains (ZMA).

It is also fortified with 550 mg of vitamin C and 500 micrograms of biotin and hyaluronic acid in addition to zinc, magnesium and selenium, and thus is an indispensable choice for every healthy skin, hair, nail, and beauty seeker.

1)10 grams of marine collagen

2) 550 mg of Vitamin C

3) 500 micrograms of biotin

4) Vitamins (A, B, D, E & K)

5)Contains magnesium that

6) Contains selenium

7) Contains zinc

8) Contains HLA hyaluronic acid


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  • Production Country: Ireland
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    Suggested Use

    Take one ampoule (10 grams) per day.