Laperva Is Made of High-Quality American Made with A Diverse Blend of Essential Vitamins and Minerals and Unique Extracts to Maintain Bone Health.

Osteoporosis Comes Suddenly and In Silence That Does Not Announce Itself Except with Some Complications and In Order to Avoid Infection with This Disease,

Proper Nutrition Comes at The Forefront of The Ranks as Prevention and Treatment Minerals Are Important Components

That Maintain Bone Health, And Some May Think That It Is Only Calcium, But This Is Not True, As There Are Many Minerals Necessary for Bone Health and Safety.

Main Benefits: -

Supporting Bone Health.

Increased Bone Density.

Compensating For Mineral Deficiency Important For Bone Health.

Prevention Of Osteoporosis.

Increase Calcium Absorption.

Supporting The Health Of Cartilage, Gums And Teeth.

The Most Important Components: -

1- Vitamin C (30mg Per Serving)

Maintains Bone Health And Helps Produce Collagen, Which Is Important For Bone Formation And Integrity, And With A Deficiency

The Vitamin Increases Bone Mass Loss, And Studies Have Proven The Relationship Between Increased Levels Of Vitamin C And

Increased Bone Density.

2- Vitamin D3 (10mcg Per Serving)

Vitamin D Is One Of The Nutrients That The Body Needs To Build And Maintain Healthy Bones

Calcium - The Main Component Of Bone - Can Only Be Absorbed By The Body When Vitamin D Is Present And Regulated

Vitamin D Also Performs Many Other Functions In The Body's Cells And Further Supports Its Anti-Inflammatory Properties

The Oxidant And Protective For The Nerves Health Of The Immune System And Muscle Functions And Activity Of Brain Cells.

3- Vitamin K1 (30 Mcg Per Serving)

It Is Involved In The Formation Of Many Enzymes And Has A Special Importance In Bone Protein, And When It Is Eaten In Food And Its Presence In The Serum At High Rates, The Rate Of Fractures Decreases And Bone Density Increases.

4- Calcium (1000 Mg Per Serving)

Calcium Constitutes About 2% Of The Human Body, And It Is One Of The Essential Minerals That The Body Uses To Build Bones, Form Teeth, And Enhance Muscle Work In An Appropriate Manner.

In Addition, It Participates In Many Other Cardiac, Nervous And Muscular Functions.

5- Magnesium (200 Mg Per Serving)

Magnesium Improves Bone Health Both Directly And Indirectly. Magnesium Helps Regulate Calcium And Vitamin D Levels, Which Are Important Nutrients For Bone Health And Are Essential For Healthy Bone Formation.

It Also Helps Reduce The Risk Of Osteoporosis In Postmenopausal Women.

6- Zinc (7.5 Mg Per Serving )

Regulates The Level Of Hormones In The Body And Maintains Bone Health. Zinc Deficiency In The Body Is Associated With Low Bone Density, So It Is Necessary To Maintain Zinc Intake In An Appropriate Amount To Reduce The Risk Of Osteoporosis.

7- Copper (0.4 Mg Per Serving)

It Is Involved In The Installation Of Many Important Enzymes For Bones And For The Formation Of Collagen. Copper Slows Down the Erosion of Osteoporosis.

Taking Copper Supplements With Zinc, Manganese And Calcium Contributes To Reducing Bone Loss In The Elderly, Especially Women.

8- Manganese (0.75mg Per Serving)

Maintains The Integrity Of The Nervous System, Strengthens The Immune System And Maintains Bone Health And Density When Combined With Other Nutrients Such As Calcium And Zinc.

9- Potassium (50 Mg Per Serving)

One Of The Most Important Benefits Of Potassium To The Body Is Its Ability To Maintain Bone Health, As Many Studies And Scientific Research Have Shown That

A Diet Rich In Potassium Sources Has A Significant Role In Increasing Bone Density And Preventing Its Fragility, Especially In Elderly Women.

Another Group Of Scientific Studies Indicated That There Is An Inverse Relationship Between The Daily Intake Of Potassium And The Levels Of Calcium Excreted Outside The Body With Urine. And Lowers Blood Pressure.

10- Apriflavone (30 Mg Per Serving)

Apreflavone Is Manufactured In The Laboratory From Another Substance (Daidzein) Extracted From The Soybean Plant.

Bodybuilders Use Apreflavone Supplement To Increase Metabolism

11- Bromelain (30 Mg Per Serving)

It Is A Food Supplement That Provides An Alternative Solution To Non-Steroidal Anti-Inflammatory Drugs For Patients With Osteoporosis. Bromelain Is An Extract Obtained From The Stem And Fruit Of The Pineapple Plant, Which Contains A Number Of Proteolytic Enzymes And Has Shown Beneficial Results Due To Its Anti-Inflammatory Properties. It Is Also Used In Sports Injury Cases.

12-Boron (1.5 Mg Per Serving)

One Of The Elements That Helps Increase Estrogen Storage In The Body, Strengthens Immunity And Maintains Bone Health, As 3 Mg Of It Per Day Is Sufficient To Maintain Bones.

Calcium Is Effectively In Cartilage And Bones. With Age, Bones Become Brittle. Boron Can Stop This Weakening By Ensuring Calcium Levels Are Maximized. Boron Also Helps In The Metabolism Process.

Use It Effectively And For Minerals That Participate In Bone Growth Such As Calcium And Magnesium And Copper

In Addition, Boron Affects Various Hormones, Including Estrogen And Testosterone, Which Are Generally Associated With The Overall Health Of The Body.

13- 75mg Per Serving ( L-Lysine)

Allicin Is An Essential Amino Acid, Which Means It Cannot Be Synthesized By The Body And Must Be Obtained Through The Diet Or Through Supplements.

Studies Have Also Shown That Dietary Supplementation With Allicin Protects And Prevents Osteoporosis By Increasing The Absorption Of Calcium In The Body

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    Suggested Use

    Take 3 tablets daily, preferably with meals.