FUNCTION SUIT Figure shaping Ergonomic shape Aids in the reduction of fatty tissues It is a super elastic suit that aids figure modelling, it is made from modern advanced technologically yarn FIR(Fast Infra Red), which retains the body heat due to biocrystals contained in its structure. The yarn transforms the body heat into Infra Red rays and reflects them back inside the skin. Infra Red rays have beneficial influence on the skin, they activate the process of fatty burning, they accelerate blood circulation and tissue all the metabolism and the regeneration of skin cells, and they are applied to detoxify the body.A special construction of the suit tightly wraps the body and that reduces the risk of injuries during training. Made in Poland

* Warnings and Precautions :
Do not use on open wounds,cuts,dermatological lesions,Do not wear the suit more than 4-5 hours continuously depends on the expected results and the effciency of the organism. Should not lead to excessive overheating of the body. Heart disease patients should consult a physician.
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